How To Clean Nut Milk Bag: Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Clean Nut Milk BagA lot of people prefer preparing nut milk by themselves, and in order to do so, a nut milk bag is important. The nut milk bag is generally used to strain nut milk, such as almond milk, coconut milk, and so on.

These nut milk bags are usually made out of cotton, and we all know that cotton is suitable for filtering even the finest residue of nuts and similar items. These cotton nut milk bags have to be cleaned properly and thoroughly after each use.

However, not many people know how to clean the nut milk bags properly, and this causes problems in the recipe when they use it later.

In this guide, we will discuss the steps on how to clean nut milk bag both before and after use to make sure that your recipe turns out to be great.

How To Clean Nut Milk Bag Before Use?

Using a nut milk bag for the first time without cleaning is not a smart idea. Experts recommend a thorough cleaning of the bag before using it as this will help to eliminate any presence of germs, bacteria, dirt, and so on. The steps for cleaning a nut milk bag before use are-

Step 1: Wash With Dish Soap

Wash With Dish Soap

The first step of cleaning a new nut milk bag is to turn it inside out and wash it with natural or organic dish soap. Turning the bag inside out will allow you to clean it thoroughly. Keep in mind that the soap you are using has to be mild so that it does not cause the nut milk bag to smell.

Step 2: Rinse Thoroughly With Water

Rinse Thoroughly With Water

After washing the nut milk bag with soap, you will have to rinse it thoroughly with water. To do so, hold the bag under clean and running tap water in the sink and clean the bag properly.

Make sure that you clean the seams of the bag as well and remove all traces of dish soap. If you want it to be cleaner, then you can put it in boiling hot water before allowing it to dry.

Step 3: Dry The Nut Milk Bag

Dry The Nut Milk Bag

The last step of cleaning a new nut milk bag is to dry it completely. There are two ways in which you can dry the nut milk bag. You can either hang it in a ventilated place and let it air dry properly, or you can place it under direct sunlight and allow it to dry completely.

How To Clean Nut Milk Bag After Use?

You have to carefully clean the nut milk bag after use; otherwise, it will ruin your future recipes. The steps of cleaning a nut milk bag after use are easy, but they have to be followed properly. These steps are:

Step 1: Turn The Bag Inside Out

Turn it inside out after use and hold it under running tap water. Turning the bag inside out will allow you to easily remove all the particles and fiber present in the bag.

Step 2: Apply Dish Soap

Once you have removed all the particles from the bag, it is now to apply dish soap to the bag. You can use any sort of dish soap you want, but make sure that it is mild so that the bag does not smell of the soap.

Step 3: Rinse Thoroughly

After applying the dish soap to the bag, you now have to rinse it properly. In order to do so, hold the nut milk bag under clean and running tap water and rinse the soap out. If you do not rinse it thoroughly, then the traces of soap will turn the milk sour and can also cause health problems.

Step 4: Sanitize The Nut Milk Bag

You will often see that the nut milk bag smells after use, and in order to avoid this, you will have to sanitize the bag properly.

This odor often occurs due to the presence of bacteria in the bag. You can either sanitize the nut milk bag by putting it in boiling hot water, or you can soak it in a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar.

Step 5: Bleach The Nut Milk Bag

This is an important step, but it is not required after each and every use of the nut milk bag. Over the use of the bag, you will see that there is discoloration or stains on the nut milk bag. You can easily get rid of this discoloration or stains by bleaching it.

We usually prefer the use of an oxygen bleach as it does not cause any harm to our health and also cleans the bag properly. In order to bleach the nut milk bag, prepare a mixture by mixing 1 tsp. of bleach with about 2 to 3 cups of water and allow the bag to sit in that until the stain disappears. Take the bag out of the mixture after the stains are removed and rinse it well with tap water.

Step 6: Dry The Nut Milk Bag

After rinsing the nut milk bag properly, it is now time to dry the bag. After rinsing the bag properly, allow it to air dry in an open place or under direct sunlight.

Step 7: Store The Nut Milk Bag

The last step of the entire cleaning procedure is to store the nut milk bag in a clean and dry place. We usually recommend people to store the bag in a place or container where they get enough sunlight and air if you do not use the nut milk bag regularly.

Tips And Precautions When Cleaning Nut Milk Bag

Use Mild Dish Soap

Washing the nut milk bag is an important step of the cleaning procedure. Even though you have the freedom of using any dish soap you like, we recommend the use of dish soap that is natural and mild.

The use of strong dish soap can often cause the nut milk bag to smell, and this smell will also affect the milking process in the future.

Bleach The Bag Properly

Bleaching is an essential part of cleaning a nut milk bag, but it is not something that you should do regularly. Soak it in a mixture of bleach and water until the stain removes completely. Make sure that you bleach the nut milk bag only when you notice discoloration or stains, as regular bleaching can cause damage to it.

Rinse The Nut Milk Bag Thoroughly

When it comes to cleaning the nut milk bag after use, you will have to rinse it three to four times. It does not matter how many times you have to rinse it, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly each and every time. Always use clean tap water and hold the nut milk bag under running water in the sink.

Alternatives To Nut Milk Bag

Not everyone uses a nut milk bag or has access to one, as the good nut milk bags are hard to find. However, there are quite a few alternatives to nut milk bags that you can use in case you do not have one with you.

We usually recommend cotton handkerchief or very fine cheesecloth as alternatives to nut milk bags. You can also use a very fine sieve, but you have to make sure that it can efficiently stop all the particles from going through.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Reuse A Nut Milk Bag?

Yes, you can reuse a nut milk bag for years if you clean and store it properly after each use. And the best part about these nut milk bags is that they are very easy to clean and store. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided in this article.

2. Can You Wash Nut Milk Bags In A Washing Machine?

Yes, there are quite a few nut milk bags that can be washed in a washing machine. However, we do not usually prefer this as it is better to clean the nut milk bags manually and by hand. Cleaning the bag by hand will give you the satisfaction that you now have a nut milk bag that is fully clean and free of bacteria and germs.

3. What Will Happen If I Do Not Clean The Nut Milk Bag?

If you do not clean the nut milk bag after using it, then the particles and fibers remaining in it will go bad with time as harmful bacteria and germs will make it their home. Using an unclean nut milk bag will not only ruin your next item, but it might also cause a few serious illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting, and so on.


As you can see, the steps on how to clean nut milk bag both before and after use are easy and do not take much time. Even though the cleaning process is not time-consuming or tough, you have to pay close attention to make sure that the nut milk bag is completely clean.

Keep in mind that the cleaning process must be done both before and after use; otherwise, it can ruin the next recipe along with your health, and you will have to replace the nut milk bag frequently as well.

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