Top 7 Best Commercial Crepe Maker Reviews for The Money

Best Commercial Crepe MakerIs anyone craving some crispy crepes?

Oh well, it’s super easy to make (as long as you have a crepe maker).

Such a device happens to be very handy. It has some functional features that ensure an incredible cooking experience. Not only the unit can make crepes but also other stuff, which proves how versatile it can be.

Although versatile, all the models may not provide you with desired outcomes. You need something that offers thorough cooking, long-lasting service, and stick-free privileges. This is what the best commercial crepe maker does.

And since there are countless options, we thought to compile a couple of them and guide you to get the top-notch one.



Editor's Rating


Chefman RJ33-C-V2

5 out of 5

Waring Commercial WSC160X

5 out of 5

Gdrasuya10 Commercial Electric Crepe Maker

4.5 out of 5

Moss & Stone Electric Crepe Maker

4 out of 5

KOUDA Crepe Maker

4.5 out of 5

What Is A Crepe Maker? What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

A crepe maker is a kind of cooking device that you can use for making crepes and other dishes. It shouldn’t be mistaken for a regular crepe pan, that’s heated over the stovetop rather it’s a professional crepe pan with versatile options.

Rather, the maker comes with a plate on top of a heating element while the base has a temperature controller to adjust the heat. Because it’s an electric device, you need a power outlet to plug it and make it work.

The flat, edge-less cooking surface makes it ideal for crepes. As for the advantages, the maker has some distinct ones.

1. Cooking Variations

Such a machine isn’t only limited to making crepes. It can prepare other stuff for you, be it different kinds of desserts, vegetables, meats, or seafood. 

2. Adjustable Temperature

Adjustable Temperature

Most crepe makers, except for the auto versions, have a controller so you can adjust the heat. This lets you have temp. settings as per your needs. Not just that, it also helps limit the number of burnt crepes.

The temp can range from 122°F to 600°F. You can try cooking different recipes and change the heat accordingly.

3. Fast Cooking

Fast Cooking

Electric crepe makers can heat up as fast as 60 seconds. This speeds up the process of making crepes even more. So, if you cook for big crowds frequently, it would be a handy choice.

4. Efficient Cooking

Efficient Cooking

It has a heating element that ensures even heat distribution. So, your crepes would always turn out golden and thin. Plus, the batter would be roasted evenly from all the sides, hence you get the crispiness.

5. Portable


The crepe makers are super suitable to be used at home or in commercial kitchens as they run through the electric power source. This isn’t like gas models that require access to the fuel line which can be very inconvenient to use anywhere.

Top 7 Best Commercial Crepe Makers in 2022

1. Chefman RJ33-C-V2 Crepe Machine

This crepe-making machine by Chefman is here to solve all the cravings during your breakfast. Not only does it make sweet stuff but cook bacon and eggs as well. Coming in 12 inches, it’s big enough to prepare meals or snacks for the whole family.

It has got a simple design with ease of maintenance. There’s a drip tray that would hold all the fats and oils. You can even remove the tray for cleaning it.

Then again, you have a wrap-around cord that can be stored away right beneath the crepe pan maker after use. The cord comes in 2 feet long and if it feels short, you can use an extension cord for your convenience.

Having been made of aluminum, the unit is thick and ensures long-term service. It has got a nonstick cooking surface, meaning the remnants wouldn’t stick to it and bother you. This also means the surface is kind of empty making it easier to clean in a dishwasher.

There’s an adjustable heat control that you can use for different types of foods. It doesn’t mention the exact temperature but you can make it go up to 400°F. The maker would heat up evenly so that you get a well-cooked dish.

It comes with a wooden spreader and a spatula so you can flip your crepes. Despite being useful additions, the material may not be durable enough to resist high heat for a longer period. So, in case the tools have burning marks, consider solid options like this set.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum-made nonstick cooking surface.
  • Temperature can be adjusted up to 400°F.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Includes wooden spatula and spreader.
  • Comes in 12 inches.

2. Waring Commercial WSC160X Professional Crepe Maker

Want something rough and tough? This professional crepe maker machine by Waring Commercial promises to last long. It has been made of stainless-steel body with cast iron surface. So, you can cook other variations apart from crepe.

The crepe equipment would be suitable for a big family gathering as it comes in 16 inches. Thanks to the combination of the materials, it ensures even heat distribution as well as retention. Moreover, it has a temp control that can be adjusted from 280°F to 570°F. So, you can sear beef bacon, cook fish, or sauté some veggies with it.

One big plus of the maker is that- it has solid handles that wouldn’t get hot to touch. You can use them easily while making the crepes as well as for holding the machine.

There will be a stainless-steel spreader and a spatula included with the unit. No matter how frequently you use them, they wouldn’t harm the cooking surface. Although manageable for pros, some beginners may find it hard to make crepes using steel utensils. In that case, we would suggest you opt for wooden ones.

Since it’s a naturally cast-iron model, you have to season it with veg oil yourself. But don’t worry, you will get instructions in the manual. Just follow them and let it work to be nonstick and prevent the rust.

This product is clearly ahead in the competition for the place of the best commercial crepe maker.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium cast iron surface with a stainless steel body.
  • Adjustable temperature from 280°F to 570°F.
  • Comes with a stainless-steel spreader and spatula.
  • Heat-resistant handles.
  • Comes in 16 inches.

3. Gdrasuya10 Industrial Crepe Maker

This commercial electric crepe maker by Gdrasuya10 is a beast! This one comes in 16 inches and has enough space to make big batches. If you’re someone chef wanting a unit for snack trolleys to sell scrumptious French crepes, then it would make a great choice.

Its body is constructed with stainless steel while the plate is of cast iron. The materials are of high-quality making them just right for heavy-duty use. Plus, the nonstick surface won’t let you leave food particles. So, cleaning would be easy and quick.

About the performance, it acts just like the best electric crepe maker should. The plate heats up well enough to cook any food thoroughly. It features a control knob from 122°F to 572°F that can be dialed based on the requirements.

A noticeable feature is its drawer-style slot that’s just underneath the plate. It’s quite handy to keep your crepes and desserts warm there. And because of that, you don’t even have to worry about serving something cold.

The crepes maker machine includes a wooden spreader that’s decent enough to withstand high temperatures. It wouldn’t burn anytime soon and you can use it easily to spread the batter and get some good crepes.

One gripe is that it weighs around 45 pounds which can be pretty heavy for some of you. Although the unit isn’t something to carry around that often, you should keep it at a fixed spot for use.

Highlighted Features

  • Thick and heavy-duty stainless steel and cast-iron design.
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 122°F to 572°F.
  • Includes a wooden spreader.
  • Drawer-style slot under the plate for keeping the food warm.
  • The surface measures 16 inches.

4. Moss & Stone Portable Crepe Maker

You don’t need any prior cooking experience to use this electric crepe machine thanks to the unique technique. Instead of pouring batter on the cooking surface, you dip the surface into the batter. There will be a white bowl included with the product where you can pour that batter. It’s pretty convenient as you don’t need a spreader anymore.

Being an aluminum unit, it ensures decent durability. The handle feels super sturdy to hold and wouldn’t get much hot to touch. Right there, you get an on/off button that just needs a press to turn it on.

The surface tends to be nonstick and comes in 8 inches. If you’re someone who’s always in a hurry or living alone, this maker would be very suitable for you. Thanks to the aluminum, it would heat up evenly and take just 20 seconds to make a golden-looking crepe.

Speaking of heat, you wouldn’t run into burnt crepes with this maker. It features an automatic temperature of up to 400°F and would help prevent the food from burning. Whether it is crepes, meat strips, tacos, or egg rolls, you can try out different recipes.

Although an easy-to-use product, it may take a few tries of plate dipping before you get the hang of the method. So, your first 3 to 4 crepes might not turn out to be perfect. But after achieving that, you would surely consider it the best crepe maker machine by Moss & Stone.

However, the easy-to-use features make it an excellent crepe maker for sale.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of premium aluminum.
  • Automatic temperature up to 400°F.
  • Includes a white bowl for dipping the surface into the batter.
  • Strong and heat-resistant handle.
  • Surface measures 8 inches.

5. KOUDA Crepe Griddle With Heating Plate

One of the professional crepe makers by Kouda with a large cooking surface coming in 16 inches. So, you can consider having it if you have to make lots of giant crepes.

The body is constructed with stainless steel while the plate uses cast iron. When you have a combination of such premium materials, it typically means the unit would be durable.

Moreover, the cast iron plate is combined with the spiral-shaped heating element. This combo helps provide constant heat while distributing it well across the surface. So, you can expect perfect cooking from the crepe maker.

There will be a controller that lets you adjust the temperature from 122°F to 572°F. Hence, the unit wouldn’t stop at crepes, rather it would cook other dishes starting from tacos, tortillas, egg rolls, blintzes to meat strips.

Maintaining the maker is somewhat simple. Since the cast iron is naturally nonstick, the cast iron plate is easy to clean. There’s a pull-out drip tray below the plate that catches all the liquids. So that the maker wouldn’t be messy too.

You will get a wooden spreader that does the job of spreading well. However, it might be made of porous wood and such material is infamous for chipping easily. So, it would be better to get a non-porous one. 

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with cast iron plate and stainless-steel body.
  • Temperature ranges from 122°F to 572°F.
  • The pull-out tray helps collect liquids.
  • Includes wooden spreader.
  • Has a 16-inch diameter surface.

6. Proctor Silex 38400

Want to make some perfect golden crepes? Then, take a look at this compact model that’s considered a great commercial crepe machine by Proctor. With its 13-inch cooking surface, you can make the pieces for a big family. Because of having a smaller footprint, the machine helps save space as well.

Its stainless-steel body feels solid and so is the cast iron plate. The surface is nonstick which means it would remain empty when you’re done with making crepes.

At the bottom, it has 8 levels of heat reaching up to 446°F. No matter which one you use to cook your dishes, the surface would cook the food properly and ensure giving it a perfect look. Whether it is crepes, beef bacon, strips, or vegetables, it does the job well. Even if you switch to another level, the change of heat would be quick as well as convenient.

One big plus is that you will get a set of tools that complement the machine. It includes a cup for the batter, spreader, and an extra-large spatula. Not only they are sturdy but also work to let you achieve that paper-thin consistency with ease.

You would find it easy to clean and it’s even important that you do so. There have been some gripes about the plates releasing odor. Hence, cleaning and using the maker would eventually eliminate the smell over time.

Highlighted Features

  • Cast iron and stainless steel materials.
  • 8 levels of heat up to 446°F.
  • Comes with a cup, spreader, and an extra-large spatula.
  • A compact body helps save space.
  • The surface measures 13 inches.

7. RSTJ-Sjef Commercial Electric Crepe Griddle

Enjoy a delectable feast with this industrial crepe maker from RSTJ-Sjef. Being a 15.7-inch unit, it’s a bit smaller than the traditional large versions. That said, you can barely notice the difference after it makes those gorgeous-looking crepes for your friends, families, or customers.

The unit is compact, so it would save some space. It’s designed with stainless steel body and cast-iron nonstick plate. Not only would the maker last long but serve you a hassle-free cooking experience too.

Its heat ranges from 32°F to 482°F. You can adjust it to any temp depending on what you’re cooking. Just wait for the light to illuminate and it would be ready to use. A good thing is that it has an integrated annular heating tube that works to offer an even heat distribution.

The maker is going to be easy to clean up. Thanks to the nonstick coating, there wouldn’t be any stubborn residue on the surface.

You will get a wooden spreader with it to spread the batter. It happens to deal with high heat well but may not be as solid as the unit. So, you may need a spare one to save the day.

Highlighted Features

  • Cast iron plate with a stainless-steel body.
  • The temperature controller ranges from 32°F to 482°F.
  • Integrated heating tube for even heat distribution.
  • Includes a wood spreader.
  • Comes in 15.7 inches.

Comparison Chart For Top 7 Crepe Makers

Product Name


Max Temp.


Chefman RJ33-C-V2




Waring Commercial WSC160X

Cast Iron, Stainless Steel



Gdrasuya10 Commercial Electric Crepe Maker

Cast, Iron, Stainless Steel



Moss & Stone Electric Crepe Maker




KOUDA Electric Crepe Maker

Cast Iron, Stainless Steel



Proctor Silex 38400

Cast Iron, Stainless Steel



RSTJ-Sjef Commercial Crepe Maker

Cast Iron, Stainless Steel



What To Look Before Buying Commercial Crepe Maker?

What To Look Before Buying Commercial Crepe Maker

1. Durability

A commercial electric crepe maker can last from 3 years to over 20 years depending on materials, frequency of use, and maintenance. If you take care of the maker well, you can extend its lifespan.

Speaking of materials, such a machine mostly uses either aluminum or a combination of stainless steel and cast iron (CI).

2. Aluminum

Aluminum-made crepe makers would be more lightweight and reasonable than others. Since it’s a soft metal, it can be a big reason for your maker’s getting deformed. So, to avoid that, make sure you get one that has thick bottoms and walls. It would help preserve the original shape for a longer period.

Almost all the aluminum units have a nonstick coating like Teflon since the material isn’t nonstick itself. In that case, aim at the coats that don’t chip off easily.

3. Cast Iron and Stainless Steel

Most crepe makers feature a stainless-steel body and a cast iron plate. While steel makes the body light, cast iron makes the plate ideal for heavy use. Both the materials excel when it comes to durability, although cast iron lasts longer than steel.

Bare CI is naturally nonstick so it can be a great option for hassle-free cooking and cleaning. However, you must season the plate first to make it nonstick and rust-resistant.

In case you want to avoid the initial seasoning session, then some units have a nonstick coating that you can consider. However, you may still need to season the maker once the coats start to chip off.

4. Cooking Surface Size

Cooking Surface Size

Smaller crepe-making equipment can have a 7-inch diameter while the larger ones can go up to 16 inches. So, choose one while ensuring the surface is big enough for your requirements.

If you’re cooking for yourself, then get one that’s 7 to 8 inches such as  Moss & Stone Electric Crepe Maker.

Want to cook giant crepes or multiple items at once, let’s say for a family? Then opt for something in 12 to 13 inches. In that case, this model by Chefman would be one of the very good crepe makers.

If you’re a chef who serves multiple customers, then you need a maker as big as 16 inches. For example, Proctor Silex 38400 has the right size to make a giant crepe as well as fit lots of items.

5. Temperature


Your commercial crepe maker should have at least 400°F to 600°F temperature. The least range would be just right for making the crepes golden and well-cooked. Not just that, you can cook other items such as pancakes, vegetables, and meats within this temp. However, the higher ones would be more suitable for a wider range of recipes.

Make sure the cooking surface offers even heat distribution. Aluminum performs better in this area than other materials. Plus, it heats up super-fast.

Although cast iron doesn’t provide these benefits, the unit’s integrated heating element makes up for the shortcomings.

No matter which models you pick, it’s recommended that the element has around 1,000 to 3,500-watt power. It’s enough to deliver thorough heating and cooking.

6. Accessories

Crepe Maker Accessories

It’s essential that you have compatible utensils for the commercial crepe maker otherwise the surface would get easily damaged.

In case you don’t, then many crepe makers include extra accessories such as a spreader, spatula, and batter cup. Wooden tools tend to be very safe for both aluminum and cast iron. You can use the steel ones if you’re using a cast iron crepe maker.

Types Of Crepe Maker

When it comes to the power source, there are 2 types mainly.

1. Gas Crepe Makers

Gas Crepe Makers

Gas crepe makers use a burner resembling a heating plate that gets hot up to a high temperature. This leads to delivering fast as well as efficient crepe prep.

They need a source of natural gas or liquid propane line to work. And since such machines require a constant stream of fuel, you may find it impractical at home. Not just that, it makes them comparatively stationary too. For this, they are mostly considered perfect for commercial kitchens. 

One big plus point is that these makers don’t depend on a power supply but a gas cylinder. So, even in a blackout situation, it wouldn’t affect your work. 

2. Electric Crepe Makers

Electric Crepe Makers

Electric crepe makers are perfect for both home and commercial kitchens. You just need to plug the machine in and turn it on. It will make beautiful, golden-colored crepes on a hot plate.

Such a maker only needs an electric power supply to work. So, it will be very easy to move around. Plus, you would find it smaller than the gas counterparts. That means it would be great even if your kitchen has limited space.

However, one issue with the electric unit is that it may obstruct your cooking flow if there’s a power outage.

How to Use a Crepe Maker?

Step 1: Power on the crepe maker. Set it to medium-low temperature from 230 to 240°F. Some may have numbers for the heat level instead of mentioning the Fahrenheit figure. In that case, note down the temperature each level indicates at first, then set it accordingly.

Some models can take around 60 seconds while some can take around 3 to 4 minutes to reach the desired temperature. 

Step 2: Apply cooking spray or oil evenly to the cooking area. It can be butter, veg, or any other substitution. Also, remove excess if there’s any.

Step 3: Make sure to prep the batter beforehand. Measure and then pour the batter onto the cooking area. It should be around 4.5 to 4.75-inch in diameter once poured.

Step 4: Use a spreader and position it over the batter. Make sure one end is in the mid of the surface while the other is at the edge. Keep the handle low and move the spreader in a big circle for making the batter thin, smooth, and even.

Step 5: Give it around 30 to 50 seconds to let it cook. As you see bubbles forming around the outer edge of the crepe, flip it over and cook for another 30 to 50 seconds. You can add more ingredients to one-half of the pancake.

Step 6: Lift and fold your crepe in half by using the spatula and cooking it until it’s golden brown. Lastly, add your favorite toppings to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Commercial Crepe Maker Is The Best?

We consider this model by Gdrasuya10 an ideal commercial crepe maker. Being a 16-inch model, it’s big enough to make crepes for a big family or crowd.

It uses a cast iron plate and stainless-steel body that ensure durability. With a nonstick cooking surface, the maker eliminates the hassle of residue sticking to it. This also means you would get to clean it more easily.

The crepe maker wouldn’t take much time to heat thanks to the powerful heating element. Plus, it has an adjustable temperature of up to 572°F so you can cook other stuff apart from the crepes. No matter what you make, the unit promises to offer thorough cooking.

A big plus is its drawer-style slot. You can use it to keep the food warm.

2. How To Season A Crepe Maker?

Seasoning a crepe maker is simple but time-consuming. So, it’s necessary to be patient while doing it.

At first, power on the unit and use the highest temperature up to 500°F.

After that, add a tablespoon of oil over the cooking plate and use a cleaning pad to spread it evenly.

Let the oil burn for around 5 to 10 minutes as long as the plate loses its sheen and gets dark brown.

Then repeat by spreading the oil 8 to 9 more times, right after the amount of oil gets reduced.

After it’s done, shut off the maker and let it cool.  That’s it.

3. Can You Clean Crepe Maker With Dishwasher?

It’s recommended that you don’t clean the crepe maker with a dishwasher as it can severely damage the unit. Opt for a traditional method, i.e., hand-wash it.

Mix non-chlorine liquid detergent with warm water. Soak a clean, soft sponge or rag in the solution and use it to clean the plate off. Avoid using any wire brush or abrasive product.

However, some makers might be cleaned via dishwasher. You need to make sure at first whether their manufacturers suggest it or not.

4. What Can You Make On A Commercial Electric Maker?

Apart from crepes, you can make pancakes, quesadillas, blinis, tortillas, flatbreads, welsh cakes, blintzes, and other similar items.

Because of having adjustable temperature, it can also be used to sauté colorful veggies, sear beef, chicken, or duck strips, cook seafood, as well as fry some omelets.

Not just that, you can toast your burger bun on the heated plate. Or make a grilled pizza with a light color on the base using it. 

5. What Tools Are Required For Crepe Maker?

You need a measuring cup for the batter, a spatula, most importantly a spreader for the crepe makers to cook the dessert. It would be great if you use a round wood-based spreader. Because it’s easier to handle, beginners can easily make perfect crepes with it.

Speaking of which, the size of your spreader depends on the plate. The bigger the cooking surface, the wider your tool should be. For instance, if your crepe maker comes in a 16-inch diameter, then you need a 7-inch spreader.

Final Words

Getting the best commercial crepe maker would give you a bundle of benefits. All the models listed here aren’t only solid but also efficient when it comes to making crepes. That’s not the end, you can also cook a variety of recipes with such a device.

Just make sure it delivers even heating and remains nonstick. Even if you pick one with a Teflon coating, don’t worry. Because the latest Teflon materials are safe and free of PFAS or PFOS which is the actual enemy.

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