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$3.50 each | 12 for $36



Fanny Bay – Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Canada


Great White – Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts


Glacier Bay – Bedec Bay, New Brunswick, Canada


Village Bay – Bedec Bay, New Brunswick, Canada



apple cider mignonette | West Indies cocktail sauce | sauce bagnarotte



More Bar Food


fries, roasted garlic Dijonnaise 8


blistered shishito peppers, miso butter 7


Brussels sprouts, applewood bacon, shallots, sherry vinegar 9


frisée, endive, farm apples, ricotta salt, cider vinaigrette 12


Blue Hill Bay mussels, coconut green curry,

     cilantro, toasted focaccia 14


black bass piccata, cauliflower, brown butter,

raisin purée, capers 17


butter-poached lobster, potato gnocchi,

egg yolk, kohlrabi emulsion, truffle 22


chicken cotechino, lentils, baby carrots,

     mostarda, chicken jus ratio, thigh ragu 20


18-hour short rib, heirloom carrots, truffle

Barolo reduction, foie gras butter 20


Stonington, Maine lobster roll

     (Connecticut style available) 18


Acadia burger – bacon onion jam,

     truffle Mornay, Gruyère 15


foie gras gâteau, pumpkin cake, bacon maple gelée,

lingonberry, hoja santa 25


tête de moine “cheesecake”, brown butter brioche crust,

tomato jam, black olive powder 18







apple shiso tea, lime panna cotta, matcha cake,

     encapsulated apple gelée, granny smith ice cream 14


kabocha chiboust, coffee anglaise, sea buckthorn, 

     spruce yogurt ice cream 14