(subject to change daily)




$3.50 each | 12 for $36



Beausoleil – New Brunswick, Canada


Big Cove – Totten Inlet, Washington


Plymouth Champagne – Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts


Great White – Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts



apple cider mignonette | West Indies cocktail sauce | sauce bagnarotte



Bar “Snacks”



puffed chicken chips, ramen seasoning

crispy pork, sauce gribiche, pickled ramps

duck prosciutto, baguette, local maple

“lobster roll”

cauliflower tot, aloo gobi

Michigan apples, miso butterscotch, hay apple purée,

whipped foie gras, cheddar breadsticks

candy bar

pumpkin whoopee pie



More Bar Food


fries, roasted garlic Dijonnaise 8


blistered shishito peppers, miso butter 7


butter-poached lobster, potato gnocchi,

egg yolk, kohlrabi emulsion, truffle 22


Stonington, Maine lobster roll

     (Connecticut style available) 18


black cod, caper lemon remoulade, brioche,

pickled fennel purée 17


“tongue and cheek”: corned beef tongue, confit cheek

sauerkraut purée, caraway pudding, cabbage onion jam,

marble rye 20


duck “stroganoff” – pappardelle, oyster mushroom,

chèvre, fried potato 15


Acadia burger – bacon onion jam,

truffle Mornay, Gruyère 15


Hokkaido-style ramen (Sundays only, through the winter): duck, wood ear mushroom, kamaboko, ajitsuke, tamago, miso 15



hornbacher cauliflower mornay, pickled mustard seed,

aquavit-poached pear, pretzel 18






apple shiso tea, lime panna cotta, matcha cake,

encapsulated apple gelée, granny smith ice cream 14


kabocha chiboust, coffee anglaise, sea buckthorn, 

     spruce yogurt ice cream 14