Acadia’s main dining room serves a single, eight-course tasting menu for $155 per person. Wine pairings are available for $115 per person. 

(menu subject to change daily)


Summer 2018


Tokyo turnips, breakfast radish, herb goat cheese butter

potato espuma, chive, Maine sea lettuce

oyster, granola, broccoli, lime


truffle popover, smoked beef fat, honey butter




uni custard

apple, rye, cucumber, trout roe, parsnip


Stonington lobster

pickled mustard seed, celery, caviar


corn agnolotti

chamomile dashi, huitlacoche, truffle


Aleutian Islands king crab

yuzu, parsley root, mint nasturtium water


roasted cabbage

curry hollandaise, pine nuts, herbs


zucchini “linguine”

carrot truffle emulsion, sunflower sprouts




olive sourdough, roasted tomato butter




Slagel Farms pork belly

katsuobushi, kewpie, Anson Mills wheatberry





summer vegetables, papas bravas, olive butter sauce, chorizo aioli




Miyazaki beef

beet, dill, clam, horseradish





potato dumpling, sunchoke, saffron parmesan cream




cantaloupe sorbet

elderflower, cantaloupe milk punch


blueberry and lemon

Thai peppercorn blueberries, Champagne peaches, almond ice cream